Handcrafted in Europe

COCO MOKA activewear is handcrafted in Europe using sustainable manufacturing processes, a slow fashion approach to garment production, and fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin. We collaborate with textile manufacturers who follow sustainable practices, and we source our fabrics from OceanBalance™.

Environmental Impact of Textile Manufacturing

Any type of manufacturing that uses traditional approaches has an impact on the environment. The processes use energy and water, and the facilities produce carbon dioxide emissions. As responsible textile manufacturers and suppliers, we must ensure that the materials used for making COCO MOKA activewear minimize the risk to the environment.

For every 2 kilograms (4.4. pounds) of OceanBalance™ yarns to produce sustainable fabrics, the environmental benefits include:

  • Reducing the consumption of oil-based products by 3.785 liters
  • Conserving five days of drinking water for one person
  • Preventing the emission of greenhouse gases that is equivalent to driving a hybrid car for 25 kilometers
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Benefits of OCEANBALANCE™ Fabrics

The environmental benefits of OCEANBALANCE™ fabrics are clear. COCO MOKA partners with OCEANBALANCE™ for the clear environmental benefits of the soft fabrics, as well as the cost savings in production and safety for our customers. Compared to the manufacturing of regular polyester fabrics, the OCEANBALANCE™ recycling process:

  • Uses 86% less water
  • Requires 70% less energy
  • Produces 75% less carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gases)
  • Keeps 60 plastic water bottles out of the environment for every 1 kg of fabric
  • Keeps plastic out of our landfills and oceans
  • Conserves our natural resources


COCO MOKA Activewear Made from Recycled Coffee Beans

Activewear made from recycled coffee beans is one of the innovative approaches that COCO MOKA uses for creating soft fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin. The secret of this process is found within the way the coffee beans are roasted. Coffee beans swell when they are roasted, and this expands the space inside each bean.

Hot water from the brewing process removes microscopic materials from the bean that take up these spaces. OceanBalance™ fabrics are made with a unique process that maximizes the functional value of the used coffee grounds. The versatile design of the OceanBalance™ technology combines low temperature, high pressure, and energy conservation that combines the coffee grounds with a recycled OCEANBALANCE™ yarn surface.

This process changes the characteristics of the yarn filaments in a way that produces quick-drying fabrics that wick away moisture 200% faster than cotton. Additionally, the micro-pores found in OceanBalance™ fabrics absorb odors and reflect harmful UV rays to provide UPF +50 UV protection for your skin.

COCO MOKA Activewear Made from Recycled Plastic from the Ocean

Using fabrics made with recycled plastic from the ocean reduces pollution and protects critical habitats for sea life. The fabrics used for COCO MOKA activewear is made by OCEANBALANCE™ using waste that is recovered from the ocean and plastic bottles from recycling plants. An average rash guard or long-sleeved technical tee produced with OceanBalance™ fabric uses the equivalent of 13 2-liter bottles made with PET bottles.

The plastic is then sent to a recycling center for processing. Any recovered polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic is sent to a special recycling center to be converted into wearable, functional, comfortable fabric.

The first step is to break down the PET plastic into flakes. It is then cleaned and melted. The result is a raw, molten polyester material that is transformed into yarns for textile fabric production. OceanBalance™ uses the yarn filaments for their unique fabrics.