Sensitive Skin

COCO MOKA activewear is kind to your skin and kind to nature

Designed specifically for people who live with skin sensitivity, our collections let you enjoy an active lifestyle and your favorite sports without the risk of irritating your skin.

Fabrics and Sensitive Skin

As someone who lives with sensitive skin, you know that anything that comes into contact with your skin may cause irritation. Our clothing is in constant contact with our skin, so the fabrics really do matter. Activewear is especially damaging to sensitive skin because you are perspiring, moving around, and out in the sun.

Research into skin sensitivity shows that the worst fabrics for sensitive skin are acrylic, rayon, polyester, spandex, viscose, and acetate. Unfortunately, these are also the most common fabrics that are used for activewear.

When you wear activewear that is made from any of these synthetic fabrics, you may notice stinging, redness, itching, rashes, and other symptoms.

Best Fabrics for Sensitive Skin

Activewear for sensitive skin needs to have a unique design that includes robust fabrics. The most important characteristics of fabrics for sensitive skin are breathability, antibacterial protection, UV protection, moisture wicking, and luxurious texture. For activewear specifically, the fabric should be designed to enhance performance.


Breathability is important for fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin. A fabric is considered breathable when it allows air to flow across your skin. This reduces moisture and helps to inhibit bacterial growth.

COCO MOKA activewear is designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics that promote healthy air flow across your skin, even in the most demanding situations. This helps to minimize perspiration and bacterial infiltration of the skin barrier.

Breathable fabrics also reduce the amount you sweat and help your skin stay hydrated. The hydration prevents dry skin that triggers skin sensitivity.

Antibacterial Protection

Many of the common skin sensitivity reactions are related to an intrusion of your natural skin barrier. This barrier helps to protect the deeper layers of skin from bacteria and environmental pollutants. People with sensitive skin tend to have weaker skin barriers, and the lack of protection leads to inflammation, allergic reactions, infections, and other concerns.

Fabrics with an antibacterial layer are more suitable for sensitive skin because they complement the natural skin barrier. The fabrics that are used for COCO MOKA activewear are made an antibacterial layer that last for up to four washes.

You can purchase the antibacterial spray separately, and treat the fabric on your own.

UV Protection

Activewear for sensitive skin not only needs to protect against bacteria and environmental pollutants, but also UV damage. People with sensitive skin are at higher risk for sun damage and skin cancers due to the weakened skin barrier. Sunscreens may not work well because they contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

COCO MOKA activewear for sensitive skin provides UPF 50+ protection. Wearing fabrics with UV protection works as well as sunscreen, but without the irritating ingredients of sunscreen.

Moisture Wicking

Quick-drying fabrics are essential for activewear. Moisture on the skin promotes bacterial growth. For most people, the skin barrier keeps the bacteria from penetrating the deep layers. People with sensitive skin, though, don’t have the benefit of a strong skin barrier. The bacteria get into the deeper layers of the skin, causing inflammation and irritation.

At COCO MOKA, we use high-quality, quick-drying fabrics that wick up excess moisture from your skin. This combined with the breathability of the fabric ensures that your skin is protected from bacteria and other irritants.

Luxurious Texture

Fabrics with a rough texture irritate and damage the outer layer of the skin. For people who don’t have sensitive skin, the effects of a rough fabric are barely noticeable. For those who do have sensitive, rough fabric starts a cascade of triggers in the skin, resulting in redness, itching, and inflammation.

At COCO MOKA, we emphasize fabric quality for our activewear. We only use soft fabrics that glide easily over the skin to reduce the risk of irritation. Not only is our design good for your skin, but you will love the feel of the soft and silky fabrics.

Our activewear is made from recycled coffee beans and recycled plastic that is recovered from the ocean, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in your clothing.

Fabrics to Enhance Performance

COCO MOKA activewear is not only kind to your skin, but the fabrics also enhance performance. The material is made with a warp-knit structure that improves muscle support and recovery. Fabrics for enhancing performance is a proven approach in sports science.

You can find similar fabrics on the market, but they are made with synthetic materials that irritate sensitive skin. Our activewear is made from recycled plastic from the ocean and recycled coffee beans.

COCO MOKA Activewear is Made for Sensitive Skin

COCO MOKA activewear is kind to skin and kind to nature. Our garments have exceptional breathability, antibacterial protection, UV protection, and moisture wicking. Fabrics are soft and luxurious to the touch and designed to enhance performance, muscle support, and recovery.