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This year we were lucky to partner up with Mermaid Lucia and talented filmmakers from ADM, who filmed an ice skater Nikola Gushina from Latvia. We want to share with you a beautiful transformation on ice.

COCO MOKA Activewear for Sensitive Skin

At COCO MOKA, we create activewear that is suitable for sensitive skin using robust fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes. By using quick-drying fabrics made from recycled coffee beans and recycled plastic from the ocean, COCO MOKA makes activewear that is kind to your skin and kind to nature.

We are committed to reducing the textile waste that clogs our landfills. Our activewear for sensitive skin is handcrafted in Europe using a slow fashion approach. By extending production schedules and making smaller batches, we manufacture high-quality, elegant designs with zero waste.

We invite you to support our mission by investing in high-quality activewear that is kind to your skin and kind to nature.

Our Story

COCO MOKA is committed to making activewear for sensitive skin that provides maximum comfort and protection with robust fabrics. By using a slow fashion approach and sustainable manufacturing processes, we make activewear that is kind to your skin and kind to nature.

We understand skin sensitivity and how it affects your life because our founder has sensitive skin. Having tried different activewear products on the market, she finally discovered the best fabrics for her skin. Knowing that millions of people living with sensitive skin struggle with finding comfortable, high-quality activewear, she set out to create clothing that is non-irritating to the skin. She created our collection of activewear made from soft and silky fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin. This allows you to enjoy sports and an active lifestyle without post-exercise skin discomfort.

The careful and thoughtful choice of fabrics helps us handcraft activewear that is suitable for sensitive skin. The unique design is highly breathable, has hydrophobic properties, and feels silky soft to the touch. As a complement to our versatile designs of activewear, we also protect nature with our sourcing and manufacturing processes.

We only use sustainable fabrics, as well as recycled materials for creating our clothing and packaging.


My goal is to establish a sustainable, eco-friendly activewear brand designed with sensitive skin in mind.

NataliaFounder of COCO MOKA

COCO MOKA Brand Values

The sustainable and elegant design of COCO MOKA activewear for sensitive skin reflects our brand values.

  • Help people with sensitive skin enjoy active lifestyles and sports.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of clothing and activewear.
  • Promote slow fashion and ethical fashion practices of European textile manufacturers.
  • Promote aesthetics and elegant design in sport clothing.

Use highly-function, long-lasting European fabrics that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Our Fabrics

COCO MOKA activewear for sensitive skin is made with soft and silky fabrics from Italy that feel luxurious to the touch. Each unique design is handcrafted in Europe using quick-drying fabrics with an antibacterial layer and UV protection. The antibacterial properties last up to four washes. You can also purchase the special antibacterial spray separately to keep your skin protected.

It is the combination of breathability, lightweight design, soft fabrics, and protection that makes COCO MOKA activewear ideal for your sensitive skin.
Our emphasis is on using high-quality, functional fabrics while enhancing performance.

The lightweight fabric feels like a second skin that delivers breathability, quick moisture wicking, and high UPF 50+ UV protection. For muscle support and recovery, the unique design of the fabric includes a strong warp-knit structure.


Slow Fashion

The fashion industry accounts for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions, and it is the second largest industrial consumer of the world’s water supply. Additionally, studies show that an estimated 85% of textiles end up in landfills every year. Fashion also contributes to plastic waste in our oceans and dangerous chemicals in our waterways.

Slow fashion practices aim to reverse these trends. The idea behind slow fashion is fairly simple – identify processes that result in waste and exploitation of our precious natural resources. Slow fashion also aims to improve working conditions in textile manufacturing facilities.

COCO MOKA uses the slow fashion approach as the foundation of how we operate. We extend our production times and focus on ethical operations and sustainability. Our activewear for sensitive skin is designed and handcrafted in Europe using responsible practices. Using fabrics that are kind to sensitive skin, we produce our collections in small quantities.

This approach eliminates unnecessary waste that ends up in landfills and helps reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry.



At COCO MOKA, we take an innovative approach to environmental problems that threaten nature every day. By partnering with OceanBalance™, we offer high-performance fabrics with UV protection and antibacterial layers.

The fabrics for our activewear are made from recycled plastic from the ocean, such as fishing nets and single-use bottles, as well as recycled coffee beans. Through our partnership with OceanBalance™, we are working to keep plastic waste out of the world’s oceans, recycling unique materials, and transforming an environmental problem into a solution.